SFP’s results in the European Parliament 2012–2024

Here is a compilation of some of the key results achieved during Nils Torvalds’ time (2012–2024) in the European Parliament:

Environmental and Climate Policy:

  • Contributed to the design and adoption of the Green Deal and the Fit for 55 package to address the climate crisis.
  • Worked to ensure scientifically-based targets and emission standards for vehicles to promote the use of biofuels and renewable energy.
  • Defended the success of the forestry industry and created conditions for renewable energy from forests.
  • Legislated to protect the marine environment, including regulations for fishing quotas and monitoring of fishing practices.
  • Negotiated and participated in COP climate summits to shape global climate actions.

Energy and Industrial Policy:

  • Worked to ensure a secure energy supply and promoted renewable energy and biofuels.
  • Advocated for a circular economy through regulations for waste management and sustainable resource use.
  • Protected innovation and industrial activity by promoting a fair playing field for all companies.
  • Supported the shipping industry in the Baltic Sea and promoted sustainable maritime transport.

Agriculture and Forestry Policy:

  • Worked to preserve and use forests as a sustainable raw material for industry and energy.
  • Defended agricultural policy and support for farmers during periods of economic crisis.
  • Legislated to regulate the use of genetically modified agricultural products and monitor licensing processes.

Fisheries Policy:

  • Protected the fisheries industry in the Baltic Sea and promoted sustainable fishing practices.
  • Advocated for the allocation of fishing quotas based on scientific findings and the health of fish stocks.
  • Worked to allow local solutions to fisheries-related problems and promote small-scale fishing along the coasts.

Budget and Economic Policy:

  • Contributed to the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Next Generation EU initiative for economic recovery.
  • Defended the use of the EU budget for priorities such as the green transition, digitalization, and research.
  • Supported the link between access to EU funds and member states’ compliance with the rule of law principle.

Linguistic and Minority Rights:

  • Worked to promote the rights of the Sami and the ratification of ILO169 in Finland.
  • Supported Åland’s autonomy and parliamentary seat in the European Parliament.
  • Defended linguistic rights and cultural diversity within the EU.

Roles and Assignments in the European Parliament:

  • Served in various positions within the European Parliament, including as vice-chairman of committees and delegations.
  • Engaged in committees and delegations focusing on environment, economy, and relations with other countries.
  • Currently, he continues his work in the budget and environment committees and holds responsibilities in several intergroups.
  • These results illustrate Nils Torvalds and the SFP’s impact on European politics and their commitment to promoting sustainability, economic growth, and respect for minority rights in the European Parliament.

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