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Together for a Common, People-Centric Europe

The European Union’s fundamental values are freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights. The Swedish People’s Party (SFP/RKP) aims to continue working for peace and stability in Europe, for a union where the rule of law is respected and the economy can grow and businesses flourish, where citizens can influence and freely realize their dreams. It is important that the voice of the citizens is heard. Decisions should be made as close to the citizen as possible. The EU should respect and support local and national decision-making.

The EU started as a joint peace project, and it is crucial that the work for peace and security in Europe continues. Together, we are strong, and together we continue to work for a strong and united Europe: a common, secure Europe of the citizens.

There is a war in Europe. The security situation is the worst since the Cold War. Today, there are forces both inside and outside the EU attempting to weaken our union. The rise of populism and the far right is growing, and the desire to dismantle citizens’ trust in authorities is increasing. SFP/RKP, as a liberal party, wants to resist these forces and work for the principle of the rule of law, human rights, and the equal value of all. We work to ensure the rights and representation of linguistic and other minorities throughout the EU. An inclusive and multicultural Europe is a strength that we should promote and protect.

The European Parliament should also be the parliament of the self-governing areas. We work to ensure that the Åland Islands as a self governing region of Finland is represented in the European Parliament.

An expansion of the EU is in Finland’s interests, and it is an important goal for us. Today, the expansion of the EU is also very much a security and geopolitical issue. We welcome new countries, but they must meet the membership criteria. The rule of law is among the most central requirements. This requirement includes, among other things, work against corruption, but all the criteria must be followed by future and current member states.

We will continue to work for gender equality. A gender-equal Europe is a safe Europe.
SFP/RKP works for diversity and for women to be represented in EU leadership positions to the same extent as men. We will fight oppression and violence against girls and women by all means.

All member countries should prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. Efforts to secure the rights of sexual and gender minorities must be intensified in the EU.

This work requires joint efforts. Nothing can be taken for granted. The importance of a free, stable, safe, and united EU is more crucial now than ever.

The EU should continue to support Ukraine, both militarily and economically, and war criminals should be held accountable. Russia should be made to pay for the reconstruction of what they have destroyed in Ukraine.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • Finland to be a proactive and constructive actor within the EU that actively promotes the nation’s interests.
  • All member states commit to the EU’s common values and the principle of the rule of law.
  • The EU’s annual review and report on the principle of the rule of law to be developed.
  • The EU intervenes when member countries enact laws that violate human rights or the principle of the rule of law, by cutting off EU funds to these countries.
  • The EU to respect the linguistic and cultural rights of EU citizens who speak minority or regional languages.
  • The efforts for gender equality to be intensified and considered in all decision-making.
  • The EU to strengthen its work against all forms of violence against women and girls.
  • The EU to combat violence against women and girls with disabilities and actively work to ban forced sterilization.
  • To see more active cooperation between the Nordic countries in the EU.
  • The decision-making processes within all EU institutions to be democratic, clear, and transparent.
  • The work for human rights within the EU to be strengthened.
  • To ensure a continuous dialogue between member states.
  • The European Parliament to have its permanent and only seat in Brussels and the commuting to Strasbourg to cease.
  • The Åland Islands to be given a seat in the European Parliament.
  • The youth guarantee to be developed and implemented in every member state.
  • The European youth strategy to be considered properly in the EU’s decision-making.
  • To stop changing the clock twice a year within the EU.
  • Rape defined based on the lack of consent to be punishable throughout the EU.
  • The cooperation between Finland’s national parliament members and Finland’s Members of the European Parliament to be strengthened.
  • The right to abortion and the right to self-determination over one’s own sexual and reproductive health to be secured.
  • The EU to continue to enhance the rights of persons with disabilities.


Together, we succeed with the green transition

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, a challenge that knows no national borders. Only together can we tackle climate change. We have already managed to create fair and effective joint solutions that make our society more sustainable and benefit us all. The EU has ambitious emission targets for 2030: to reduce emissions by 55 percent compared to 1990. Right at the start of the next mandate period, the emission targets for 2040 and 2050 will be formulated, which is an important milestone to ensure that we achieve the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

The polluter should pay for it, and the emissions trading system is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions. We have common rules for emissions trading within the EU that are important. The emissions trading system must continue to evolve as the EU’s emission targets become more ambitious.

The green transition is necessary for us to reach the climate goals. We will work to support and accelerate this transition, while ensuring that Finland’s unique energy needs and conditions are considered. Breaking free from fossil energy is not just an environmental measure, it is also crucial for Finland’s security and self-sufficiency. For companies to realize this transition, long-term and predictable decisions and legislation are needed.

The green transition is a tremendous opportunity for Finland. We have Europe’s best grid network, and effective cooperation with Sweden and Norway, which allows us to guarantee the supply of emission-free energy. The investments in renewable and clean energy that are now being made attract industrial investments. Finland should be a leader in the green transition.

We all share a common responsibility for our environment and nature. We work for an EU that understands local conditions and national peculiarities, an EU that trusts its member countries. The EU should continue its work to stop the loss of biodiversity. The EU’s role in Baltic Sea issues is important. The condition of the Baltic Sea remains critical, and strong joint actions by all Baltic Sea countries are needed to improve the situation. The EU should continue to enable sustainable fishing in the Baltic Sea.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • The polluter to pay by expanding and developing the emissions trading system.
  • The EU to immediately set interim targets at the start of the new period for reducing emissions by 2040 to achieve the zero emissions goal by 2050.
  • The EU to receive an economic boost by accelerating the green transition.
  • The EU to become self-sufficient in terms of energy.
  • To work to promote sustainable mining that benefits local communities and strengthens the EU’s strategic autonomy.
  • The EU to continue working to stop the loss of biodiversity while taking into account national peculiarities.
  • Revenues from emissions trading to be directed towards financing development, environmental, and climate efforts.
  • To continue working for common ambitious rules for corporate responsibility within the EU.
  • The EU to work to support developing countries in adapting to and countering climate change.
  • Trade policy to be based on sustainable conditions.
  • Environmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea region to be developed and intensified.
  • Finland to actively highlight the situation in the Baltic Sea and Arctic issues and drive joint actions at the EU level.
  • The EU to work to increase the understanding that society’s activities depend on nature.
  • The EU to conduct a responsible maritime and fisheries policy that creates sustainably healthy fish stocks and thriving seas both in Europe and globally.
  • Above all, to protect the diversity of nature and stop species extinction while being able to take actions at the local level when populations become so large that they threaten industries or other species.
  • The EU to work for the development of a circular economy to reduce the use of limited natural resources.


Together for an Educated and Innovative Europe

Our success depends on high-quality and equitable education, as well as investments in high-quality research, development, and innovation. Through these investments, we secure our future competitiveness and employment, as well as a sense of future optimism for our children and youth. A high level of education is the foundation for sustainable development and an innovation-friendly EU. We want to make Europe the leading continent for knowledge and innovation.

The EU’s student exchange program ERASMUS+ needs to be developed and its continued funding guaranteed. The program offers opportunities for education, studies, or internships abroad. Millions of young people have been able to study in another EU country thanks to exchange programs like Erasmus+. In the future, more and more families will be multilingual and have roots in several EU countries. Multilingualism is valuable and creates a broad understanding of others. Exchange contributes to an increased understanding of others and thereby strengthens the EU.

Investments in education, culture, research, and development are investments for the future. These investments are extremely important for Finland to compete globally. The EU has a framework program for the development of research and innovation activities that extends to 2027. We believe that the EU should renew this program at the beginning of the next mandate period. This program should highlight areas of special expertise where Finland is a global leader. These areas include cleantech, energy technology, quantum computing, digital networks, and medical development.

Legislation in Europe should enable innovation and development and encourage innovations that promote social and ecological sustainability and develop solutions for the green and digital transition.

SFP/RKP wants to:

  • Promote Europe’s competitiveness and attractiveness through education and research.
  • Continue to develop the ERASMUS+ exchange program for our youth and students.
  • Secure a sustainable future through a higher level of education among the population.
  • Increase competitiveness, productivity, and employment in the EU by investing in small and medium-sized enterprises, research, and innovation.
  • Create more jobs through innovation and research so that more people in Europe have employment.
  • Strengthen the foundation for education, innovation, and research within Europe in the long term through framework programs, such as Horizon Europe.
  • Encourage innovations that promote social and ecological sustainability.
  • Recognize the importance of culture for the economy and local communities in the EU.


Together in Digital Development

Digitalization has become a fundamental force for societal development and the economy. It is important that digitalization benefits all citizens and companies. In our vision, innovation, integrity, and cybersecurity go hand in hand. It is important that decisions regarding Finland’s critical infrastructure remain in our own hands.

In the digital era, data protection is essential. We will work to ensure that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is upheld and that it is implemented and complied with consistently across the Union. We want to give citizens control over their personal data and promote transparency among the companies and organizations that handle them.

To ensure that all citizens can benefit from digitalization, we need to promote digital inclusion and increase digital competence. No one should be left out of the digital future’s opportunities even as society becomes digitalized.

Digitalization creates opportunities for innovation and growth. We will support policy actions that promote digital innovation and entrepreneurship. This also means facilitating cross-border business activities within the EU and creating a favorable environment for startups and small businesses.

A secure and reliable digital infrastructure is at the core of successful digitalization. It is crucial to ensure that both the public and private sectors have access to secure digital tools and platforms.

We work for the EU to establish clear rules for the use of artificial intelligence so that it is safe, fair, and humane. By being a global leader in digital solutions, Europe can create standards and ethical guidelines around them.

Technology should serve humanity, not the other way around.

SFP/RKP wants to:

  • Give citizens control over their personal data and promote transparency among the companies and organizations that handle them.
  • Have the EU take a leading role in the global development of digital technologies, also setting high standards for privacy and security.
  • Have the EU create opportunities for innovation and growth within the global digital market.
  • Ensure the EU secures a safe and reliable digital infrastructure.
  • Ensure decisions regarding network concessions for digital infrastructure continue to be a national concern.
  • Have the EU invest in research on new digital technologies, including the impact of technology on well-being.


Together for a Humane Migration Policy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is just one example of the turbulent times we are living in right now. Crises around the world have led to an increase in the number of refugees. It is extremely important that Europe is able to meet the challenges that exist and together create effective channels for refugee reception, based on our international agreements on human rights.

We advocate for a fair and solidary migration policy within the EU. Migration should be managed in a humane and sustainable manner through cooperation and a fair distribution of responsibilities. We want to see active integration measures that enable participation in the labor market and in society. By investing in integration, eliminating barriers in the labor market, and facilitating the verification of diplomas and additional education, we can fully benefit from the positive effects of migration. The possibility of family reunification is important for successful integration.

The labor shortage cannot be solved without immigration. The proportion of elderly in Europe is increasing, and we need more people of working age. This brings both economic and social consequences such as increased demand for health and medical care, lower productivity, and increased public expenditures. To handle these challenges, we need well-functioning migration to address the labor shortage, increase economic growth, and introduce new knowledge. We need new functioning channels for labor migration, without turning Europe into a guest worker society.

We oppose all forms of racism and hatred towards other people. We stand behind the UN Refugee Convention and the right to asylum. International agreements create security. We work to ensure that migrants are not exposed to life-threatening risks or fall victim to serious crime and human smuggling. For those who have the right to asylum, there should be a humane and effective common system at the EU level where people are received. All EU countries should take their responsibility in accordance with our fundamental values of equality, and everyone’s right to humane treatment. Together, we combat undocumented status. Undocumented individuals should have the right to necessary social and health care services within the EU.

For the free movement within the EU to function, the EU’s external borders need to be guaranteed equally effectively everywhere. A strong external border requires that there are smooth and legal ways to immigrate to the EU.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • The EU to create long-term strategies for a secure and fair migration and asylum policy.
  • The further development of the EU’s work and residence permits.
  • Asylum seekers to be given the right to adequate legal aid.
  • A functioning family reunification to become a reality throughout the EU.
  • The reintroduction of humanitarian visas, and the granting of Schengen visas on equal terms throughout the EU.
  • To stop international crime, such as human trafficking, through effective cooperation between EU countries.
  • To ensure that it remains prohibited to force asylum seekers who have been denied asylum to return to a country where they risk persecution, torture, or other serious harm.
  • The EU to identify safe harbors for rescue operations in the Mediterranean.
  • The recognition of the link between human trafficking and prostitution.
  • The prohibition of the purchase of sex throughout the EU and the provision of sufficient support and exit programs for people in prostitution.
  • The EU to be a leading global actor in aid that strongly emphasizes gender equality in aid policy.
  • The EU to actively work against all forms of racism, promote equality, and equal treatment regardless of ethnicity, religion, or any other circumstance concerning the individual as a person.


Together We Make Europe Safe

Together we are strong, and together we can solve the challenges we face. The security situation has deteriorated. War rages in Europe and the concern within member states grows, while external forces attempt to nibble at the EU’s credibility. The EU’s enlargement is also important for security reasons, as several countries are under constant pressure from Russia. We must ensure that the EU retains its credibility and capacity to act and that we can counteract the forces trying to undermine Western democratic structures.

An aggressive Russia poses a threat to stability in Europe. The intensified cooperation between the EU and NATO must continue and develop. The EU should also take greater responsibility for its own security. All EU countries should have a credible national defense, and the EU should become more self-sufficient in terms of developing and producing defense materials.

It is in Finland’s interest to support the development of the EU’s common foreign and security policy. Diplomatic work and cooperation are important for promoting peace, cohesion, democracy, and human rights both within the union and around the world. The EU’s ability to act must also be strengthened internationally, and majority decisions should be used more extensively in the common foreign and security policy. The EU’s common mechanisms for crisis management and rapid response must work in practice.

The internal security of EU countries should be strengthened, and international organized crime should be combated on a broad front. Through intensified cooperation between EU countries and through information exchange, we can better counteract and prevent widespread organized crime, terrorism, cyber threats, and disinformation.

We must ensure our democratic processes. We have a collective responsibility within the EU to consistently work against the spread of disinformation. Our task is to protect our society, our citizens, and their freedom against various hybrid threats.

Due to Russia’s brutal aggression on Ukraine, the long Finnish border with Russia has become more significant than before and must be better considered within the EU. At the same time, the vitality of the border areas needs to be strengthened.

Human trafficking affects tens of thousands of people within the EU, especially girls and women. We must put an end to human trafficking and the exploitation of people.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • The EU’s sanctions against Russia to continue and be strengthened. Russia should withdraw from Ukraine and pay for the damages caused.
  • The EU to have a clearer foreign policy line and to react more quickly to global events with a united voice. Decisions concerning foreign and security policy should be made with a qualified majority.
  • Police authorities within the EU to improve their cooperation to better counteract and prevent widespread organized crime.
  • EU countries to work together to combat the spread of disinformation to stop various kinds of hybrid threats.
  • Finland’s long border with Russia to be better considered within the EU, and the border regions in eastern Finland to be given more attention.
  • Investments in preventing and addressing human trafficking to be prioritized, and the financing of the EU’s Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings to be guaranteed.
  • The EU to work even more actively to prevent and combat the sexual exploitation of children online.
  • The cooperation within civil crisis management to be developed and intensified.
  • The EU to work towards increasing the production of defense materials.
  • The EU to reform and strengthen the financing of the EU’s rapid response forces.
  • Confiscated Russian funds to be forfeited and used for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Together for a Strong Single Market

Through a strong single market, we ensure economic growth that creates prosperity for the entire union. Over half of Finland’s exports go to EU countries. It is in Finland’s interest that the EU’s single market is strengthened and becomes more flexible and productive. The EU must not fall behind other major economies in economic development. We work for a rule-based world trade, and in this work, the EU plays a central role. As the world’s largest internal market, we can create standards that also have an effect outside the EU.

Brexit has exposed how difficult it is to be outside the single market. The internal market, based on the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people, is the key to Europe’s success. It should be easy to move between member states. Through the free movement of people, we can fully benefit from knowledge from throughout the EU. An effective free market requires free movement, and therefore we must also counteract internal border barriers. We also want to extend free movement to cover digital services and products, which would give us access to TV, radio, and streaming services from other EU countries.

The EU should become more autonomous and reduce dependence on major powers such as China and the USA while continuing to protect free global trade. Major trade agreements should be decided at the EU level. The Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) needs to be strengthened to avoid economic crises. Members should follow the rules for economic stability and growth. We support more effective monitoring and stricter sanctions when a member state breaks the agreed rules.

The diversity of regulations within the EU creates loopholes that are exploited for aggressive tax planning, tax evasion, corruption, and the shadow economy. Effective countermeasures require cooperation, and therefore it is important that we in the EU tackle these challenges together.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • Finland to get better at utilizing the single market and increasing our exports.
  • The development of the central bank’s role to create predictability and stability.
  • The EU to continue improving consumer protection through common regulation.
  • The practice of some member countries selling citizenship and residence permits, so-called golden visas, to be stopped.
  • To strengthen strategic autonomy by investing in key production areas such as microchips and battery manufacturing.
  • To create and develop common rules for platform economies.
  • To establish common rules for corporate taxation and state subsidies so that companies in Europe are treated fairly and Finnish companies retain their competitiveness.
  • To make it easier to access internet content regardless of geographical location within the internal market.
  • To combat tax evasion and corruption throughout the union.
  • To make it easy to move to another EU country to work and study.
  • To have degrees more widely recognized within the EU.
  • EU financing of infrastructure and road networks to support business and free movement.
  • The EU to lift its ban on snus.
  • To counteract overregulation and micromanagement within the EU.


Together We Are Healthier in the Future

We view healthcare as a fundamental right and a key factor for the well-being of citizens. Within the framework of the EU, we strive to strengthen the healthcare cooperation necessary to meet the challenges our common society faces.

As an EU citizen, you should feel secure in all EU countries. All EU citizens must be guaranteed basic social and healthcare services, regardless of where they are in the EU. We advocate for promoting cross-border cooperation to ensure that citizens can receive necessary healthcare services across national borders, while maintaining high quality standards. We need a common practice in the EU area regarding health data to be able to share the necessary information.

Through joint research and sharing of best practices, we can improve the healthcare sector. We support initiatives that promote cooperation between the health and medical institutions of member countries to increase knowledge, promote research, and ensure that new innovations reach patients.

Pandemics and other health crises know no borders. We advocate for strengthening the EU’s preparedness and capacity to handle health crises by establishing common methods for effectively sharing necessary medical equipment and medicines between member countries.

We work to ensure affordable and equitable access to medicines within the EU. The goal is that no one should be left without necessary medicine due to economic or geographical reasons.

The effects on health and well-being must be comprehensively considered in the EU’s decision-making.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • Finland to take an active role in the development of European health data.
  • The EU to strengthen preparedness for future global pandemics and health crises.
  • The EU to promote generic drug production, coordinate price negotiations, and support research to develop new treatment methods.
  • EU citizens to have the right to basic care and services in all EU countries.
  • Europeans to be more physically active to improve overall health.
  • The EU to promote public health at various levels.


Together We Cultivate the Land and Produce the Food

Agriculture and forestry play a central role in Finland’s economy and well-being. Within the framework of the EU, we strive to shape a common agricultural policy and a long-term forestry policy that promotes sustainability, profitability, and security for our producers.

We prioritize a sustainable agriculture and forestry policy to meet the growing global demand for food while considering environmental aspects. To ensure that Finnish farmers continue to play a central role, we will work to improve profitability in agriculture and reduce unnecessary administrative burdens. We should have food production even in crisis times within the entire EU to secure supply preparedness.

In the global market, it is important to ensure consumer safety by applying high standards for food safety, ethics, and environmental considerations for imported food. At the same time, we strive to promote locally produced food to support both the environment and employment. We are proud that Finland has the world’s cleanest food, and we want to secure opportunities for our farmers to practice agriculture in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Finland is and should be a leader in sustainable forestry, and we will continue to actively shape a diverse European forest policy. We will work to support responsible forest management and improve the forest industry’s opportunities to contribute to sustainable development.

SFP/RKP wants:

  • To continue to make it possible to practice agriculture and forestry in Finland.
  • The forestry policy to remain a national concern.
  • To strengthen the position of primary producers in the food chain.
  • To prioritize food safety, ethics, and environmental impact in the common agricultural policy.
  • To secure agricultural supports at a sufficient level.
  • The EU’s common agricultural policy to have a budget that secures the conditions for food production throughout the EU.
  • The EU’s upcoming enlargement to be considered when reforming the common agricultural policy.
  • To ensure the operational conditions for the Finnish fishing industry.
  • To reduce unnecessary EU bureaucracy.
  • To make European food standards mandatory for imports to the EU.
  • To recognize and compensate for the carbon sinks contributed by agriculture within the EU.
  • To continue working to reduce antibiotic resistance in the EU.