Julia Ståhle

"An EU of opportunity"

Dear reader, I am the Chairperson of The Swedish Youth of Finland, the youth organization of the Swedish People’s party of Finland, as well as a single parent studying Political Science at the University of Helsinki. At the moment, I am living in Espoo with my child and in my free time I enjoy walks in the nearby woods.

I believe it is important to increase the knowledge of EU-issues. The policies formed within the Union has a great impact on our everyday life here in Finland. Hence, it is crucial that we keep working for a feeling of European solidarity and community, as all member states benefit from a well-functioning and cohesive European Union.

Name: Julia Ståhle
Birthday: 1997
Town: Espoo
Title: Chairperson of the Swedish Youth of Finland
www: https://www.juliastahle.com/
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svensk Ungdom

Important political topics

An EU where young people can believe in the future

Every degree earned within the EU should be recognised in the whole Union. We need to create a joint system to validate degrees completed outside of ones own country in order to avoid bureaucratic difficulties where degrees from other member states are either accepted or refused. In addition to this, we need to ensure greater opportunity to participate in exchange programs or mobility periods. Encouraging the exchange of information, knowledge and the feeling of community and solidarity between people is crucial when looking at the future of the Union in an increasingly polarized and protectionist world.

An EU of opportunity

It should be easier to work or study within the EU. In the national political discussion, the lack of labour is often highlighted as a central issue which needs to be solved to ensure the future of our welfare state. Similar challenges can be seen at an EU-level. We need to be prepared to greet and integrate people in the member states as a community to ensure a continuously well-functioning society.

The possibility of free movement within the EU is often highlighted, but in reality there are still many obstacles. Free movement is valuable for both the individual and the Union, not only economically but also in preserving the common values within the EU. It is crucial to harmonise corporate regulations and decrease the bureaucracy which stops the market from working effectively.

An EU that invests in technology development

Technological development is constantly advancing and it is important that we keep up. There are considerable advancements worth noting – recently the EU-institutions reached an agreement regarding the rules of the use of artificial intelligence and hence became the first continent in the world to do so. Despite these advances, overregulation is a major concern, and it is crucial that we do not overregulate but allow the fields to develop their own solutions. Risk analysis and prevention of negative effects are important aspects of this work, but we cannot forget that technology above all provides opportunities rather than threats.