Anton Nilsson

"We need an EU that has the ability to deal with the big issues. But we also need an EU that doesn’t micro manage and interfere in small issues that we can handle better on our own."

My name is Anton Nilsson. I was Nils Torvald's substitute to the European Parliament during the last mandate, and I am now ready to continue the work in the same spirit.

To achieve results in the European Parliament, it is not enough to be a known face in Finland, you need to know the complex EU system and understand the political realities in Brussels. I am not a celebrity, but I know the EU like the back of my hand. I have previously worked as a political advisor in the European Parliament and with maritime affairs at the European Commission. This means I have seen the EU system from the perspective of the different institutions and I have been involved in several legislative files behind the scenes. I know what it takes to get results and I am ready to deliver for you!

I was born and raised in Mariehamn, Åland. Although I have lived and worked in Brussels for many years now, my roots are firmly set at home. I have a degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and a Master's degree in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I love spending my free time in Hulta in northern Åland, where I am currently in the middle of a construction project. I'm convinced that the EU is good and important for us, but I'm equally convinced that we need a reasonable EU that is has the ability to deal with the big issues but has the confidence to stay away from the small ones.

Name: Anton Nilsson
Town: Mariehamn
Title: Minister Counsellor

Important political topics