Anna-Maja Henriksson

"I want to be your and Finland's voice in the European Parliament."

I am running as the Swedish People's Party's candidate in the European elections on 9 June 2024. After 17 years in Parliament, including almost 9 years as a minister and 8 years as the chair of the Swedish People's Party, I aim to represent Finland and SFP in the European Parliament. My broad and long experience provides a good basis for a successful work in Brussels and Strasbourg.

We live in uncertain times where Finland needs a strong EU. I want to work for peace and stability in Europe, for bringing the Russian war criminals led by Putin to account, for continued support for Ukraine, and for making Russia pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine. Anything else would be wrong.

I want to work for an EU that can stand up to global competition and that has a stable foundation of values. Democracy, the rule of law and human rights must be defended every day. Minority rights also need to be protected and promoted at an EU level.

Name: Anna-Maja Henriksson
Birthday: 1964
Town: Pietarsaari
Title: Minister of education, Member of parliament
Member in:
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet
Svenska Kvinnoförbundet

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