Kalle Pusa

"We need to slow down the climate change, make EU into an resilient union and stop the downward spiral of disinformation in our democracies."

Hello! My name is Kalle, and I am a 31-year-old lawyer and IT consultant from Helsinki. I have a legal education and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

In the upcoming elections, we are voting on what the future of the EU looks like. I want to see a Europe where we effectively combat climate change, stand for the principle of the Rule of Justice, and value education and culture. Our continent has suffered crisis after crisis, and it has become apparent that we must strengthen and renew our Union in order to be a credible and united power, both in Europe and in the world.

The threat of Russia, the growing instability of the USA, and China's power politics mean that the EU must change from an economic union to a geopolitical force.

In order to secure our planet's common future, the EU must continue its fearless climate and environmental policies: We cannot allow growing populism to wash away our progress.

We need decision-makers in the EU who see value in our Union, recognize its shortcomings, and want to build a stronger Europe together.

Name: Kalle Pusa
Birthday: 1993
Town: Helsinki
Title: Lawyer and IT Consultant
Email: kalle.pusa@gmail.com
Phone: +358504010339
www: https://www.kallepusa.com

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Important political topics


The EU’s ambitious climate policy must not become the next victim of right-wing populism. The products we allow into the common market and the requirements we impose on our trading partners and businesses have a real and measurable impact. The EU can stop the influx of Chinese fast fashion, the EU can put a price on environmental damage, the EU can make the polluter pay. And because the EU can, the EU must also demand more policy action.


We must create a resilient security community that anticipates threats, protects citizens and defends our borders. While today Europe does not stand alone, we must be prepared that one day we might.


We are now aware of the new threats brought by the information age and we are already paying a high price. Young people’s mental health is deteriorating and democracies are weakening due to disinformation and propaganda. Only the EU has the power to identify and counter these dangers through legislation.