Working towards a responsible economic policy

The recent years have been difficult in many ways, posing challenges for the public economy both nationally and globally. Despite this, Finland has coped well. The Swedish People’s Party has consistently worked towards a responsible economic policy.

Our public economy faces significant challenges. We must address our structural deficit and stop taking on debt. To balance the economy, work is needed at many levels, reaching over several government terms. SFP wants to see Finland as a competitive nation that attracts companies to invest and create jobs. Investing in Finland must be attractive.

Digitalisation and the green transition are huge opportunities for Finland. Research, development and innovation, as well as collaboration between higher education institutions and start-up companies must be supported.

Feeling safe in everyday life

We are proud of the Nordic welfare state that Finland is and to whose construction SFP has contributed. In our Finland, we want people to be able to live safely,...

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Welfare is generated by entrepreneurship

Measures that support entrepreneurship and business ownership, as well as creating jobs will generate the growth that we need. Companies need predictability if they are to invest. The employment rate...

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