Welfare is generated by entrepreneurship

Measures that support entrepreneurship and business ownership, as well as creating jobs will generate the growth that we need. Companies need predictability if they are to invest.

The employment rate in Finland must be raised to at least 80 per cent. For this to happen, we must ensure that our companies have a sound environment in which to operate. Business owners must not drown in bureaucracy. It is the duty of the society to enable entrepreneurship rather than to hinder it. Entrepreneurs’ social security must be improved. We must build an operating environment in which companies of all sizes can find workers and financing.

Start-up companies generate many innovations and new economic models, and we welcome that.


  • to achieve an employment level of at least 80 per cent over the next government term
  • to carry out responsible, sustainable and farsighted economic policy, while stemming government debt
  • to promote collaboration between the worlds of commerce and higher education, and growth company environments
  • to have clearer rules and terms drawn up for a well-functioning platform economy
  • to implement a combination insurance system to improve social security for entrepreneurs
  • to expand the experiment on recruitment subsidy for sole entrepreneurs
  • to lower the threshold for recruiting one’s first employee
  • to promote the internationalisation of businesses
  • to promote capital investment in businesses

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