We want all Finns to feel well

You have the right to feel safe and well while living in Finland, regardless of your background, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age and sexual orientation.

We want to see concrete measures for helping the most vulnerable members of our society. It can be difficult to find one’s way in today’s fragmented social benefits jungle. Bureaucracy can be a further obstacle to social security for families or individuals with multiple challenges. Today’s model can lead to incentive traps. Work on the overhaul of the social security system must continue if we are to guarantee an incentivising system with reasonable outcomes for all. It must also be viable for people to accept temporary jobs.

We need a joint expense cap for all medicine, health care and travel costs, as well as functioning debt counselling.

Thanks to SFP, the retention period for payment default entries in credit records was shortened during this government term, which makes life easier for those who are in debt.

You must have the right to be who you are. We continue to work for an inclusive society and for the rights of gender and sexual minorities.


  • to see a total overhaul of the social security system, securing reasonable outcomes and incentivising work
  • to secure sufficient resources for debt counselling
  • to implement a joint expense cap for all medicine, health care and travel costs. We want to investigate opportunities for splitting the expense cap into periods so that costs are spread more evenly throughout the year.
  • to have menstrual, incontinence and diaper/nappy products lowered to the lowest rate of VAT
  • to achieve a functioning Kela taxi system
  • to reform Finland’s transgender legislation to ensure it respects human rights, including those of children and adolescents
  • to achieve legal recognition of a third gender in Finland

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