We need proper infrastructure and good communications

Because Finland is a large country, it is important for our infrastructure – e.g. roads, railways, ports and airports – to be in good condition. We have a significant backlog of repairs to address. Even the minor road network needs enough resources. Proper communications are a prerequisite for a successful and competitive Finland.

Functioning rail traffic is important, both for transport connections and to reach our climate goals. We want to have a proper rail network. The existing rail network must be maintained and developed at the same time as new lines are planned.

We want to invest in smooth public transport and functional cycling and pedestrian routes. Private cars will continue to be necessary. There must be sufficient charging and refuelling infrastructure for sustainable car traffic. With regard to industry and commerce in Finland, it is important to secure favourable operating conditions for the transport sector.

Finland’s geographical location makes us dependent on maritime transports. Therefore it is crucial to keep our ports and navigable channels in good condition. The ability of shipping to continue in winter must be secured. Good communications also encompass ferry and archipelago traffic, which must be guaranteed.


  • greater investments into maintaining and repairing our road network
  • to ensure maintenance of the minor road network, as well as renovation of roads to which weight restrictions apply every year
  • to promote smooth public transport for a reasonable price
  • to develop and maintain our rail network
  • to continue developing the status of Helsinki Airport as an important international hub, and to safeguard conditions for regional airports
  • to ensure traffic in the archipelago works well and to electrify our road ferries
  • our ports and navigable channels to be kept in good condition to safeguard our international trade and security of supply
  • to secure conditions for winter shipping
  • Finland to make use of the opportunities awarded by digitalisation, also promoting them within the sharing economy and the transport sector

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