Specialised healthcare – within a reasonable distance and of the highest quality

We want the nearest 24/7 hospital to be within a reasonable distance from you if you need specialist care. It is important for us that you receive the care and assistance you need instead of being shunted from one place to the next. Our university hospitals carry out special duties, and they must receive adequate financing. Our central hospitals play a crucial role in ensuring a well-functioning healthcare system. Cooperation among specialised healthcare providers must be smooth, and the patient must always be at the centre of attention.

We want to ensure that

  • Local hospitals play an important role and have special responsibilities in the future, and that their operations are developed, not phased out.
  • You have access to diverse polyclinic services nearby.
  • The smaller hospitals also have the right to perform regular day surgery operations and provide 24/7 service.
  • There are enough ambulances also in rural areas to secure adequate and equal emergency care in every part of the country.
  • Kela-reimbursed taxi services work well and are designed to take individual needs into account.

Primary healthcare — close to you when you need it

You must have fast access to a doctor if you fall ill, regardless of which part of the country you live in. Public healthcare must always be available close to you. It is important to receive appropriate help and support as soon as the need arises. This also applies to mouth and dental care. Undocumented...

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Social welfare – appropriate and timely help

We want to strengthen a variety of measures to combat illness and exclusion. In this work, preventive efforts, early intervention and multi-professional cooperation are crucial. When problems arise, it is important to pay attention to the entire family to provide the best possible help and support. We want to ensure that There are more social...

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