Services for senior citizens – security later in life

Our seniors are growing in numbers and form an important resource in society. We consider it a matter of honour that services for senior citizens are provided nearby and that the services are of a high quality. We want to ensure you can live at home for as long as you want and can, and that various forms of housing services are available close to you. We must strive to improve older people’s mobility, for example, by organising exercise opportunities for seniors. The need for family carers continues to rise. The work carried out by them reduces the need for placement in 24-hour care. It is important to show family carers that we appreciate their work and see to their wellbeing.

The increased tax credit for household expenses concerning at-home care is a welcome addition, enabling the flexible use of services.

We want to ensure that

  • A personal doctor and personal nurse system is set up for seniors, as the option of seeing a familiar doctor creates a sense of security.
  • Early diagnosis of dementia is intensified.
  • Preventive, targeted house calls are carried out in all municipalities. 
  • At-home care is secured so that seniors are provided with high-quality, timely and appropriate services.
  • All seniors are offered secure housing if they can no longer live at home.
  • Support services are developed for family carers, including the responsibility to offer respite care to offer a break from caregiving duties.

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