Services for people with disabilities – an inclusive society

We want to have an inclusive society where everyone is treated fairly. Services and various forms of support must be provided close to where people with disabilities live and act, in both Swedish and Finnish. Everyone must have the opportunity to express themselves and everyone’s right to self-determination should be respected.

We want to ensure that

  • Swedish-speaking services for people with disabilities are developed on an equal footing, from the very beginning, with Finnish-speaking services.
  • Services for people with disabilities are offered to clients in the same way regardless of how administration is organised.
  • Adequate sheltered housing is available.
  • The operating conditions of sheltered workshops are guaranteed.
  • People with disabilities get therapy and rehabilitation based on their own abilities and needs, and in their own language
  • Families with children with disabilities get help and suitable services already at an early stage
  • Unnecessary bureaucracy should be eliminated. It should be possible for people with disabilities to have continuous support without the need for an annual application-process
  • Service-paths in Swedish for people with disabilities should be guaranteed.

Substance abuse services – effective and timely help

Drug and alcohol abuse must be prevented, and we believe that addicts must be helped. The new wellbeing services counties must adopt an active overall approach to preventing and reducing substance abuse. The care for substance abuse patients should be closer connected to the mental health care services We want to ensure that Adequate resources...

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Rescue services – a safe society

Equal access to rescue services all over the country and an adequate number of Swedish-speaking personnel in rescue services are crucial to ensuring our safety. Private fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades and the volunteer maritime rescue play an important and central role in securing rescue services in Finland. We want to ensure that Rescue...

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