Primary healthcare — close to you when you need it

You must have fast access to a doctor if you fall ill, regardless of which part of the country you live in. Public healthcare must always be available close to you. It is important to receive appropriate help and support as soon as the need arises. This also applies to mouth and dental care. Undocumented people also have the right to healthcare.

We want to ensure that

  • Services are close to you.  We want to secure the current health centres, there should be health services that are easy to access in all municipalities.
  • Waiting times for medical care are shortened, for example, by increasing the number of doctors and nurses in health centres.
  • You get an appointment with a dentist or dental hygienist when you need to.
  • Investments are made in mobile solutions, such as health buses and digital services, in order to improve access to care in rural areas and the archipelago.
  • The health centres’ resources for addressing mental health issues are strengthened, as challenges to the mental health has become one of the chronic diseases.
  • A seven-day care guarantee is introduced and it also covers mental health services.
  • A variety of low threshold services, such as chat and on-call phone services, are available.
  • Differences in women’s and men’s health are taken into account in healthcare.
  • The age limits for free breast cancer screening are changed from the present 50–69 years to 40–74 years.
  • Menopause guidance is provided within healthcare.

Everyone has the right to high-quality care and treatment

We must secure every individual’s right to good care and treatment, regardless of their place of residence and income, also in the future. The individual must be the focus of care. It is important that you can communicate in your native language if you are sick or need support. Access to educated nursing staff in both...

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Specialised healthcare – within a reasonable distance and of the highest quality

We want the nearest 24/7 hospital to be within a reasonable distance from you if you need specialist care. It is important for us that you receive the care and assistance you need instead of being shunted from one place to the next. Our university hospitals carry out special duties, and they must receive adequate...

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