Our competitiveness depends on research and a knowledgeable population

To cope with global competition, Finland must invest more in research and development. We suggest investing 4 per cent of our GDP in RDI, with public funding making up at least 1.3 per cent of GDP. We must promote even better collaboration between industry and commerce, higher education and growth company environments. One issue is that many innovative growth companies are quickly sold to foreign investors because there are not enough capital-rich investors in Finland. We must promote ownership in order to keep more growth companies in domestic hands in the long term.

Finns’ financial knowledge should be strengthened, as a means for us to prevent over-indebtedness. With better financial knowledge, more Finns would have the courage to invest in shares and funds. Small-scale investments could be incentivised with a tax-free starting amount.


  • for private financing of RDI to be developed, for example through tax relief
  • to encourage savings and investments in order to reinforce domestic ownership
  • to see teaching of economics and entrepreneurship being increased at all educational levels
  • to strengthen competitiveness and accessibility by investing in functioning traffic solutions

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