Health and wellbeing services close to you

Finland must have high-quality health care

You must be able to receive care services close to where you are, regardless of your place of residence.

Our aim is to have a system of named doctors and named nurses for senior citizens and persons with continuous care needs, because the ability to visit familiar care personnel creates a feeling of security and has been proven to improve health care outcomes.

The health care personnel situation must be addressed. To improve occupational wellbeing and the attractiveness of the sector, we must see better leadership and a more favourable division of tasks, coupled with more flexible working conditions. We need a national programme with diverse measures for solving the personnel shortage in health care.

According to the Language Barometer, there are great deficiencies in Swedish-language services within social services and health care. In some of Finland’s bilingual municipalities, problems were also found in the provision of Finnish-language services. In order to secure health care and customer services in bother languages, we need well-functioning service paths that take into account language needs.

We want the promotion of mental health to become a national priority. It is crucial that people can receive care quickly, with a low threshold, and in their mother tongue. We must ensure that we have sufficient personnel to provide early mental health services. There is an acute shortage of psychotherapists, particularly Swedish-speaking ones. Therefore tuition fees for psychotherapist training must be scrapped.
People who feel well are more resilient in the face of adversity, and that is why preventive health care is so important, in terms of both mental and physical health. Today’s sedentary lifestyle leads to diverse health issues, and so we want to motivate people to move. We want to see active measures for preventing drug abuse.

The right of women to bodily autonomy is unquestionable.


  • for people, regardless of their place of residence or income level, to have access to a doctor when they fall ill
  • to create a system of named doctors and named nurses for senior citizens and persons with continuous care needs
  • to ensure that the operating conditions of the wellbeing services counties are secure, with sufficient funding
  • to see the seven-day health care guarantee within primary care and the six-month guarantee within specialist care working in practice
  • the promotion of mental health to become a national priority
  • to see a low threshold for seeking assistance, which includes safeguarding the accessibility and scope of mental health and substance abuse care
  • to increase the attractiveness of the social service and health care sector, as well as the number of study places
  • to have working mental health care in the patient’s own language, which implies training enough psychotherapists also in Swedish. Psychotherapist training must be free.
  • to have burnout listed as a diagnosis that is applicable for paid sick leave
  • to secure the right of smaller hospitals to carry out ordinary outpatient surgeries and maintain public 24-hour emergency care
  • to see persons with disabilities and special needs being guaranteed care and support for their equal participation in society
  • to give persons under the age of 25 access to free contraceptives
  • to investigate whether the right to terminate pregnancies before the end of the twelfth week of gestation should be written into the Constitution
  • to have the age range for free breast cancer screenings expanded to between 40 and 74 years of age
  • to ensure the right of undocumented migrants to receive health care, social services, day care and education
  • to see active measures for preventing and combating drug abuse
  • to have substance abuse services linked to psychiatric care more closely than before
  • to carry out a trial for supervised drug consumption rooms in Finland

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