Everyone has the right to high-quality care and treatment

We must secure every individual’s right to good care and treatment, regardless of their place of residence and income, also in the future. The individual must be the focus of care. It is important that you can communicate in your native language if you are sick or need support. Access to educated nursing staff in both national languages is of key importance for the future of Finland, and we must invest in increasing student intake and in ensuring the staff’s wellbeing at work. Women account for a large share of the employees of wellbeing services counties. The counties thus have a great responsibility to ensure an equal employer policy and salary equality.

The SFP wants care and treatment to become increasingly smooth when the wellbeing services counties assume responsibility for health and social services. It is important for us that you receive the care and assistance you need instead of being shunted from one place to the next. Our smaller hospitals will play a central role in the new wellbeing services counties and must be able to provide diverse medical services close to you. The SFP wants small hospitals to be developed, not closed down! SFP wants the primary care units to be as close to you as possible. 

The SFP emphasises the important role of preventive healthcare and rehabilitation. The services must be easily accessible and appropriate. Rehabilitation and support services for preventive healthcare are required to reduce suffering and promote people’s social and physical ability to function. This is also economically sensible, as it reduces healthcare costs.

The care guarantee must be enforced. The SFP emphasises the importance of including mental health services, such as psychotherapy, in the care guarantee. We want you to get a medical appointment within seven days. In order for health and social services to work in the best possible way, we need private operators and the third sector to complement public services. Service vouchers should be used more comprehensively where appropriate, so that we can shorten waiting times for medical care If a client is referred to the private sector in the wellbeing services county, this must not imply unreasonable costs to the client. Service vouchers are required especially now that queues for non-urgent care have grown long due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Foundations and associations carry out valuable social work around the country through their health-promoting efforts and their senior homes, among other things. Therefore, it is important to secure the operating conditions of the third sector also in the future. Culture and sports are also extremely important for wellbeing and public health.

Digital services should make it easier to access healthcare services. However, they cannot replace human contact. When digital services are developed it is important to take into consideration different users, also those that are not digital natives.

When services are transferred to the new wellbeing services counties, cooperation between the municipalities and wellbeing services counties must work smoothly. Many of the facilities currently used by municipalities will remain in use in the future, and it is important to ensure that they are in good condition and well suited for their purpose. Questions related to public transport will also become increasingly relevant.

Service centres must be accessible by suitable means, and this calls for good cooperation among the authorities responsible for transport.

We want all the wellbeing services counties to follow a responsible economic policy. The SFP does not want the overall tax rate to rise due to the reform. Sustainability must be taken into account in all the operations of the wellbeing services counties, including in procurement. Many local small companies find it difficult to compete in large public procurement projects. In view of sustainability and the environment, and in order to promote locally produced goods and services, we want to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with better opportunities to participate in procurement in order to secure good services to the residents.


The Swedish People’s Party wants to ensure that

  • Services are close to you.  We want to secure the current health centres, there should be health services that are easy to access in all municipalities.
  • Extra investments are made in the recruitment of both Swedish- and Finnish-speaking care personnel.
  • Skills in languages other than Swedish and Finnish are also rewarded.
  • Adequate language bonuses are used in the wellbeing services counties.
  • The rights of the Sámi to care and treatment in their own language are secured.
  • Increased investments are made in improved occupational health, wellbeing and job satisfaction, good leadership, equality and competitive wages.
  • The wellbeing services counties determine how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the wellbeing of personnel in health and social services and provide support to the personnel. 
  • The wellbeing services counties draw up an action plan, including a clear schedule, to fix any problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Service vouchers are used more extensively, where appropriate.
  • The operating conditions of the third sector are secured.
  • Digital services are developed.
  • Cooperation between the municipalities and wellbeing services counties works well.
  • Small companies, and the third sector, are offered a real opportunity to participate in procurement, for example, through a greater emphasis on partial procurement.
  • Equality and non-discrimination are an inherent element of all the operations of the wellbeing services counties.
  • The minority language board has a real chance to influence matters.  
  • The general tax rate is not raised. 

The wellbeing services counties will be responsible for primary healthcare, mouth and dental care, specialised healthcare, social welfare, student welfare, services for senior citizens, mental healthcare services, substance abuse services, services for people with disabilities, and rescue services.

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