Children, young people and families – the foundation for wellbeing is laid early

Public child health clinics in Finland are of world-class quality, and with student welfare and child welfare, they form an important system supporting the everyday lives of families. We want the service to continue after the child turns six.

The number of labour wards has decreased drastically, and we now face the risk of families being shunted back and forth if the only nearby labour ward happens to be full. There must be enough places for everyone.

Investing in support for families with children and for parents is one of the most effective ways to provide security for the most vulnerable. Preventive measures address problems before the need arises to take children into custody, for example. 

After the coronavirus pandemic, we must now focus on mental health issues, especially among young people. Young people with eating disorders need care services especially tailored for them, in their own mother tongue.

After the establishment of wellbeing services counties, we must ensure good communication between schools and student welfare.

We want to ensure that

  • Child health clinic services continue after school begins.
  • The number of labour wards is not reduced.
  • All women have the right to maternal care and follow-up after giving birth.
  • More Swedish-speaking school psychologists and school social workers are educated, and that the education of psychotherapists is made free for the student.
  • Binding, national provisions are issued to limit the maximum number of pupils or students to 500 per school social worker or psychologist in student welfare services.
  • All pupils and students meet the school social worker at least once a year in the lower grades, once in secondary school and once in upper secondary education, and more frequently if required.
  • Student welfare is available at school and is part of the school’s multi-professional work.
  • Young people are offered low threshold consultation in places that they visit regularly, without the need to book an appointment.
  • Birth control is available free of charge to young people under the age of 25
  • Families with the need for extra support should be given this in their homes

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