Pia Tyyskä


"Close to you -when you need it"

I am a 46 year old Psychiatric Nurse at YAMK. My family includes a man and 3 children.

I am currently working in service housing for the elderly, as I want the elderly to receive good care.

As an organization, I am active in the activities of Swedish-speaking organizations in Lahti, the Lahti Sailing Society and Kankuri Aid. These are also my hobbies.

Name: Pia Tyyskä
Year of birth: 1975
County: Päijät-Häme
Town: Lahti
Title: Psyciatric Nurse
Email: pia.tyyska@gmail.com
Phone: 0402210836
Member in:

Important political topics

Primary healthcare

Primary care should be Close to you when you need it.

Health buses and digital services must be available and utilized.

We need to strengthen the resources of health centers and prevent the mental disorders that are one of our public diseases today.

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Services for senior citizens

I want us to step up the early diagnosis of memory disorders and to have proactive targeted home visits in all municipalities.
We need to ensure that care is provided at home so that older people receive high-quality support services in a timely and appropriate manner.

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Substance abuse services

Mental health and substance abuse problems should be offered help at all levels of health and social care.

Early intervention and preventive work must be made to work.

Substance abuse treatment in wellness areas should be based on fact and research

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