Natalie Storbacka-Koivunen


Hello I'm Natalie!
I've got at MSc in Economics and later started PhD studies in the area of social and health care systems. I'm currently working as a rehabilitation expert at Kela with a specialisation in psychotherapy. Additionally I'm a holistic health coach.

I'm born in Kokkola but have spent my years of study in Vaasa and later in Germany. In my spare time I like to deepen my knowledge in health or be involved in KUF's productions at Jungsborg, where I'm also a member of the board. Triathlon is part of my goal oriented exercise but I also enjoy peaceful forest walks and yoga.

Name: Natalie Storbacka-Koivunen
Year of birth: 1994
County: Central Ostrobothnia
Town: Kokkola
Title: MSc in Economics, Rehabilitation Expert, Holistic Health Coach
Member in: