A stronger countryside assures our security of supply

Our politics must ensure that people can continue to live, work and feel well in rural areas and the archipelago. The Covid pandemic brought a swift rise in remote work. For areas with net emigration, remote work offers opportunities for turning the migration trend.

Agriculture is undergoing an entirely unprecedented profitability crisis. Measures are needed on many levels. We must review the entire production chain and look at the relevant legislation to find solutions that can help to secure the future of our farmers. Agriculture is crucial for our security of supply.

Recent events have demonstrated the importance of guaranteeing food safety in Finland in all situations. We must ensure that we have operable domestic food production and a functioning market. Clean Finnish food has great potential in the global market and we must support both product development and farsighted investments into exports.

We want to see more advice and support functions for our farmers, instead of further supervision. The workability of commercial fishing must be guaranteed.

People’s concerns over wolves and cormorants must be taken seriously and nuisance wildlife management must be permitted when needed.


  • to increase the development opportunities of regions and local communities based on their own special characteristics
  • it to be possible to build, live and work in the countryside and the archipelago without added bureaucracy
  • to ensure favourable conditions for farmers in Finland
  • to reinforce the role of producers in the food supply chain, thereby securing domestic food production
  • to reduce bureaucracy related to primary production
  • to see farsighted, permanent investments into exports that increase the value of Finland’s clean, certified foods to see active forestry that is financially viable while being socially and ecologically sustainable
  • the granting of permits for various forms of nuisance wildlife management being simple and flexible, based on actual local conditions
  • to update archipelago legislation so that it supports the development of the archipelago while taking into account permanent residents, holiday residents and local businesses alike
  • to improve opportunities for part-time residence

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