A dynamic cultural sector and diverse exercise options create wellbeing

Culture, the arts and exercise play an important role in our society, boosting wellbeing and creating jobs.

After the challenging Covid years, we must work to reinstate a blossoming cultural sector in our country. A dynamic and strong cultural sector enriches our lives and supports wellbeing. We want to see accessible and equal availability of culture for everyone.

Finns must exercise more if our public health is to improve. For this, we need diverse and proper opportunities for exercise and sports.

The third sector plays an important role when it comes to the diversity of leisure activities on offer. The work done by NGOs within sports, culture, youth activities and the voluntary fire brigade is extremely valuable. These associations create welfare and wellbeing.


  • to increase the proportion of budgeted funds going to culture in the long term
  • to make culture accessible for everyone
  • to ensure our cultural policy supports diversity and a broad cultural offer
  • to ensure our cultural institutions are well set to create cultural activities for various target groups
  • enough funds to be reserved for the inclusion of arts and culture in all new public buildings
  • to secure favourable operating conditions for theatres
  • to update legislation concerning freelancers, ensuring that they also are covered by proper social security
  • to increase Finns’ opportunities to exercise and to encourage more people to be physically active
  • to create conditions for offering equal opportunities and access to practice sports and other leisure activities
  • to promote and support the working conditions of our associations
  • to continue working on reducing bureaucracy for associations

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